Heavenly Harmony Organic Mattress by Mountain Air Organic Beds

Why buy a "Synthetic" Mattress, When You can Get 100% Organic and All Natural?

Besides being highly toxic, synthetic mattresses just don't last!They are made with a planned obsolescence. This is why mattress stores are in business, they have a revolving door of customers.Sure they might go across the street because the last one didn't last, only to get the same type of mattress just made with a different name. The one thing they all have in common is "Polyurethane foam." More about that later.

In sharp comparison, once we make a mattress for a client, they are so comfortable and see the quality, they typically buy for more rooms. When people move they usually want a new mattress, what could be better than a mattress they can control the feel of, not sleep hot naturally or feel their partner move in bed. Plus, our clients know they can call or text us and we always pick up and talk to them. This is why our clients often refer their friends and family. That's the honest way to make a sales.

Our 100% organic latex is tapped straight from the rubber trees grown in the tropics. Our 100% certified cotton mattress casings are grown without pesticides or synthetics added. We do not use any chemical flame retardants in any of our products. Instead wool is quilted into the mattress zipper casing as a natural flame retardant.

Unlike latex latex gloves, which are are made in a chemical factory, often causes allergies to the chemicals used in synthetic latex and the powder inside the gloves. Cutting cost means cutting quality.  Our promise to you, "We will not compromise quality or your health." There is a difference in quality and we take absolutely no shortcuts like putting coils or inferior latex in your mattress.

Joyce and Gary Robertson "Owners"

Mountain Air Organic Beds

Proudly made in the USA.

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