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The foundation under your mattress is like the tires on your car. If you want a good comfortable ride for your mattress, then you want a good foundation. Something that is going to last, Mountain Air Organic Beds™ heavy duty, organic foundation.

Mountain Air Organic Beds™ foundations are built tough. Our 9 inch, high profile foundation height is recommended for all Mountain Air Organic Beds mattresses under 10 inches; essential for proper support and comfort. We recommend the 5 inch foundation for mattresses over 10 inches thick. Unfortunately, foundations  today, contain chemical flame retardants, made from unstable scraps placed far apart, held together by staples with cardboard on top. Older foundations may have slight dips in them that will transfer to your mattress.

If you have a headboard and footboard, then you will need this foundation. If you just have a headboard, you might want to purchase our optional metro feet to get the bed to the height you like for storage underneath without using unsightly metal frames. Better yet, our platform bed would be a excellent choice; both are easily assemble and disassemble. Simply assemble with just a hand drill. The ends of the frame easily hook together with sturdy brackets. It is easy to take into small stairways, because you put it together in your bedroom. Perfect for tiny houses and urban living.

Buying a king size mattress? Then you will want this foundation. We don’t put two twin long boxes under your bed like others do, which causes that “king crown” lump in the middle of your mattress. Instead, our foundation is a real king size foundation with two center support bars. Great for extra heavy sleepers. Built tough and strong.  Metro Feet sold separately.


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