FREE Layer Exchanges!

Dear Customer,

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and for that reason we offer FREE Layer Exchanges for 120 days, 4 months total. Unlimited Layer Exchanges for life for a nominal fee, a 25-Year Mattress Warranty, and a 2-Year Wood Warranty.

Within 120 days of purchase, you get as many FREE Layer exchanges as you want! 

The first split layer has no shipping charges, after that you will be responsible for shipping both ways.  After 120 days, we will charge a nominal fee for Layer Exchanges, along with the shipping charges. See Terms and Conditions for details.

To process a Layer Exchange, call us at 844-223-2263 or Text 479-879-6142 we will order you a new layer. Once you receive your new layer, please roll up the old layer in the packaging your new layer came in as tight as possible, following the requirements as laid out in the Terms and Conditions and contact us to request a pickup label. Print out the labels to go on the right packages, from the email we will send you and attach it to the outside box or plastic (Heavy contractor plastic will suffice) and call UPS Ground for pickup.