Adjustable Bed - Massage

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Adjustable beds can enhance your lifestyle for reading and watching TV in bed

No more crooked necks (your chiropractor will love you for this)

Raising your head while you sleep can reduce Acid Reflux.

(Did you know acid reflux disease can lead to cancer if unmanaged?).

Raise the feet above the heart to increase circulation.

Reduce swelling of your ankles, legs and feet.

Increase oxygenation by adding optional massage.

Take pressure off your heart, lungs and other organs to help you breathe better.

Slips into your current bedstead or can be used freestanding.

  • Wireless Remote
  • Under - Bed Light
  • Slim 2"-Profile Base
  • 850 lb. Lift Capacity
  • MicroHook technology keeps mattress in place
  • Head and Foot Articulation
  • Full-Body Dual Massage with Wave
  • Flat Button -Snore Button -Power-Down
  • Back-Lit Wireless Remote with Safety Lock Feature
  • Wireless Syncing - No sync cable required for split sizes
  • Zero Gravity Button Plus Two Custom Programmable Positions

*Assembly required.  Ships Freight.