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Dear Customer,

Would you like to keep your own return layers for daybed, guest room, kids room or camping?  This seems to be a popular question.  So we have a solution. 

You can buy back your return layers and use them however you wish. Please add the item you would like to purchase to your cart and complete your purchase. If there is a sale going on, be sure and add the discount code to see your final check out price.

Don't forget the mattress pad.  We recommend, "Don't panic it's organic, waterproof mattress pad."  Here is the link.

One more thing, since you are not purchasing this as a new mattress from us, we can not provide a warranty for the layers you wish to keep. 

Several issues involved with "purchasing your own return layers"

#1. Latex must be protected from air to prevent degradation, this is why our casing is so important. 

Please do not put on metal of any type such as link springs found on day beds or box springs with actual springs in them. That is different from a foundation as a foundation is solid or slatted with proper support. Foreign made beds and foundations are often inferior for our latex mattresses. They actually will bend and break as they are made so poorly.  This is why we recommend our foundations, slat kit or platform bed.

Trying to make a mattress that has a dip in it more comfortable just transfers the dip.  You will still feel the dip.  Once this purchase is made there are no refunds.

Keep out of sunlight and direct sources of heat.   

#2. You will be asked to write with black magic marker on the end of the mattress layer you are keeping "Returned Layer" so we can identify the layer that is not actually in your mattress covered under our 25 year limited warranty. 

#3. Please keep a copy of proof of purchase and proof you labeled the returned layer, inside your mattress.  You may need them at a later date for any warranty issues or further layer exchanges.

#4. We recommend rotating your layers upon occasion for even wear.

#5. Free mattress casing does not apply to purchasing your returned layers.  Please buy a new mattress casing if you are building another mattress.

Any questions or concerns please contact us at (844) 223-2263