Organic Bassinet Mattress 3" Soft

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Organic Bassinet Mattress for infant bedside sleepers

This is a multi-functional mattress replacement for bassinet mattresses. 


Have you ever through about what you could do with the infant mattress when you are finished using it for it's intended purpose?  Actually, you can do a lot of things with it if you would like more organic products.  I repeat, you can make something old, new again with a little injunity. You can use it as pet bed, seating, camping cot, topper, pillows, just anything you can think of.

How you ask?  You can cut it easily with a turkey knife to any size and shape you like, and make a cover for it to protect it. Now you have a new product with a new purpose!  We love repurposing. Nothing goes to waste at "Our Conscious Beds". While other companies just throw away their organic scraps by the ton's, sure they plant trees, but they waste in other areas. We don't waste and we don't recommend you waste either. This is one more reason we make baby mattresses. Scraps from left over mattress cuttings can be made into smaller products.





Plastic mattresses makes babies sweat, waking up more often crying from the heat and sweat, just like you would. Also, plastic keeps the skin from fully detoxing and the chemicals in the plastic is absorbed back into the skin because it's not breathable.  Absorbing chemicals in the skin creates a body of burden as time goes on. 

The absolute worst thing you can do is put your baby on a memory foam mattress. Why? Because it has 61 VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in it. Everything from chemicals that cause cancer, autism and lowers IQ by 5 points. Plus, it sleeps hot! It is not breathable.

Our infant/crib mattresses are safe, most breathable and supportive, giving your child the best chance in life not to be exposed to harmful chemicals early on. (Coming Soon Blog Post)

Our Grand-Daughter Miss Ella



Other companies who claim their mattresses are "Safe" but only the outer is organic. What about inside? Look at the legal label. what does it say? "polyurethane foam" What is URETHANE foam? Since they cheat you using polyurethane foam on the inside, how do you know the outside is 100% certified organic?  You can trust Our Conscious Beds to provide you 100% certified organic inside and out, nothing hidden like "toxic" chemical flame retardants either.



Rubber is tapped from the rubber trees, so no trees have been cut down. No harmful chemicals added. It's biodegradable and will not harm the earth. Same for the organic cotton, it is made without the use of pesticides. 



Conventional cotton uses the most pesticides and herbicides of all plants. Cotton is the worst offender of pesticide use on the planet. These chemicals can get in your food supply. Seriously?  Yes, what they don't use in Egyptian cotton sheets, towels and clothing is left over as a by product in production of cotton called, "gin trash:. Which is full of GMO and BT cotton pesticides by-products generated during the manufacture of conventional cotton and it wreaks havoc on our food chain.   Learn more... 



With Love!

We use certified 100% organic cotton as a casing. It has a zipper so you can unzip it and take it off to get the rubber inside to "repurpose" for later.  Inside you get 3 inches of 100% GOLS*, certified organic latex rubber for support and comfort.

PURE, INTEGRITY, VERIFIED.  Why is that important? Because laws are being loosened as to what we can call organic.  I find that such a insult to our industry. Learn More Here...This is why the PIV seal is so important. PIV Seal can't be bought off. Everything is personally inspected for purity and ethics from cradle to grave. 

Read our blog and TAKE ACTION:

USDA supports GMO Companies to “Self-Regulate” Their Own GMOs. 

So who do you trust? 

This is the PIV seal, we have earned it and it can not be bought off.


What is GOLS?

*(Global Organic Latex)

GOLS establishes a clear path and procedure on the route from field or farmer level to the certified organic latex product manufacturer. Among other factors, manufacturers that are given approval to produce organic products under the GOLS logo have to follow mandatory social and environmental regulations. This places indirect responsibility for social and environmental issues on the final consumer.



Please specify if your corners are to be square or rounded. If rounded send us a drawing of the corners from the bassinet mattress on paper template so we can make sure our corners fit your bassinet corners if the corners are to be curved.

1.  If you require anything more than a square cut off, we need a pattern drawing of the edge.  You can take a photo of your drawing and text it to us at (479) 879-6142, or Email it to us at or Mail us a pattern drawn on a large sheet of paper to Our Conscious Beds, Joyce Robertson 1772 Sweetwater Ranch Avenue, Springdale, AR 72764. 

2. Call us and let us know it's on the way please. Or drop us a note at

3. Please call for other sizes (844) 223-2263

4. Care Instructions: It is recommended you purchase a wool moisture pad that repels water to keep the mattress clean. The cover it comes with is NOT machine washable. I repeat NOT machine washable, it will shrink.  Spot clean, hand wash in emergency situation only, with gentle cleaner, line dry. 


EXTRA PROTECTION OPTION: We can make a wool moisture pad zipper cover for it that repels dirt, moisture and can easily bed brushed off, machine washed on gentle or hand washed using eco friendly laundry soap, then line dry to prevent shrinkage.

Please keep out of direct heat and sunlight. If you are going to use it in a humid or high moisture area we recommend a wool moisture pad encasement or easy to remove wool mattress pad for just leaks.  Wool moisture pads are great for repelling moisture. It is temperature regulating and repels water.  



A SOFT, MEDIUM or FIRM 3" layer is not recommended for adult mattresses as it is not enough support for adults to sleep on.  We recommend our Dreamer XFirm SUV/CAR/TRUCK/CAMPING mattresses for support. 

If you need comfort built on something else (other creative ideas such as seating, cushions, pet bed, toppers, cot then a SOFT, MEDIUM or FIRM 3" layer is okay, but not okay for just putting it directly on a hard surface like the floor as an adult and trying to sleep on it.  You will just bottom out and have painful pressure points. I repeat, a single Soft, Medium, or Firm 3" layer is NOT comfortable to sleep on as an adult directly on the ground.

If you require a plastic bottom for camping, please request it in the notes. If you would like to easily roll this up with closure and handles, please go to our Travel Mattresses to purchase your travel topper or travel mattress.



This makes a great pet bed in any density. Send it to us to shred for a fluffy feel. Your pets will love sleeping organic. 

Miss Scarlett (RIP) 

This is custom made for you and your baby with love in the USA!