The "Organic" Bed In The Box (tm) 6"

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New!  Organic Bed In The Box

Create Your Own Mattress...

You choose if you want a firm, medium or soft.  The rest is all done for you.  Your mattress comes with a zipper casing. The six inch organic latex layer is shrink wrapped and roll packed for easy handling.  You control your mattress instead of your mattress controlling you by building added comfort and luxury to the top with our recommended toppers.  

Start with Pure Organic Ingredients

We use Organic cotton canvas cover, GOT'S certified organic cotton. GOL's (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic Dunlop latex. 


We also recommend organic dunlop because it is purest form of latex and it provides great support, unlike Talalay which has s tendency to bottom out and is not organic.  If you can imagine driving with a flat tire.  That is what Talalay feels like.  For all intents and purposes, we don't recommend Talalay in any of our mattresses. 

We build comfort on top of support

You can not have comfort without support this is just one reason our mattresses are the best.  You won't bottom out, which creates painful pressure points, and you have proper support for your back.


The other reason we are the best is the quality of rubber is the finest in the world!  Visible to the naked eye, consistent in look and feel, which means higher quality in a No-Compromise Organic Latex mattress.

How is it made?

Inside the certified organic cotton zippered casing is 6" of organic latex. You choose Firm, Medium or Soft.

Need a softer mattress with great support? 

Here is how you do it.  Purchase an organic fleece, latex topper or both if you want extra comfort from pressure points or purchase a second Organic Bed In The Box to make a 12" high mattress.

Here is what we recommend if you want a soft mattress with proper support.

  1. Cool & Cozy Mattress Pad
  2. Organic Fleece
  3. Dreamer Soft Topper

If you want a plush firm mattress with proper support

  1. Cool & Cozy Mattress Pad
  2. Organic Fleece
  3. Add a Organic Bed In The Box 6" Medium mattress

How do I protect my investment?

We recommend the Cool and Cozy reversible mattress pad.

Our Cool & Cozy mattress pad has 100% sheep sheared wool (no animals have been harmed) on one side that is quilted to cool cotton sateen on the other. 

Not only will it protect your mattress from skin cells, sweat, and such as we detox as we sleep.  Machine washable. Cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Adds a tiny bit of extra comfort to your mattress. 

How does your body naturally detox as you sleep? 

Skin breathes, skin cells sluff off even after a shower, and you sweat a pint of water each night on the average.  As you detox the skin can absorb chemicals in conventional mattresses and bedding.  This is one more very important reason organic mattresses are the best! Who wants to absorb toxic chemicals from synthetic mattresses?


You will alway get to speak to us.  We are located in Arkansas and we are easy to work with.  We have a physical location and not just a internet company selling you cheap stuff from another country.  Your product is proudly made in Gravette, Arkansas and ships to USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and several other countries.  Our store is open by appointment only, but you can call us anytime at 844-223-2263.  We also FaceTime installation of our products by calling 479-283-7226

Still Need help choosing? 

Call us at (844) 223-2263 and we can help you with a recommendation. 


25 Year Limited Warranty* as stated on our website