"Don't Panic It's Organic!" Water Proof" Mattress Protector

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Need a waterproof mattress protector that is completely safe to sleep on?

Check this out.... Our newest creation is the "DON'T PANIC IT'S ORGANIC! waterproof mattress protector" 

This mattress protector is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fair Trade, Oeko-Tex certified.



Give your mattress the much-needed nourishing layer of protection with our newly introduced GOTS certified organic cotton mattress protector!

Prevents allergens, pet dander, skin cells from getting in your mattress and breeding bacteria.

Superior breathability

Maximum comfort and flexibility.

This protector is a long-term investment in the quality of sleep and overall health.




Made with two layers of soft 100% organic cotton jersey fabric and laminated in between with our signature TPU coating.

Free of vinyl/PVC, VOC’s, phthalates, and other carcinogenic chemicals.

No PBDEs, Flame Retardants, Dyes, Biocides.

Lightweight and easy to changes.

Skirt: 100% organic cotton jersey with biodegradable TPU.

The fitted skirt can easily accommodate a mattress up to 18" pocket.

TPU meets the GREENGUARD Gold Standard

Machine wash and dry

10 year warranty.




Do to the unique way of our fabric processing and production, the organic cotton protectors are always upsized, meaning we make them slightly larger (appx. 2-3 inches wider and longer) to overcome shrinkages which occur in organic cotton fabric since no chemicals are used to stop fabric shrinking.

When your protector arrives, pre-wash your new bedding before the first use for the ultimate comfort and fit.


Machine wash in warm water before the first use.  Gentle biodegradable detergent is recommended.
Use non-chlorine bleach only.  Tumble dry on low heat or preferrably line dry for best smell of fresh air.  
Two to five washes may be required for all noticeable shrinkage to stop.  The protector should never shrink below the actual standard sizes.  If it does, I will personally send you a free replacement!
Joyce Robertson 
For further questions of comments, please call us at (844) 223-2263