Organic Sleeping Bag Deluxe with Removable Inner Liner

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This Deluxe Organic Sleeping Bag kit is for the glamper in some of us.

1. Wool Moisture outer zippered casing keeps moisture off you without the use of synthetics and polyfill. (for longevity, do not agitate in machine, line dry) . Opens completely up to use on queen size mattress as a moisture barrier for your mattress.  Foot opening and side zipper opening.  Did you know wool is a natural fire barrier?  It's also antimicrobial and dust mite resistant.  Wool moisture pad repels water.  Does not repel buckets so don't try that. Great for moisture barrier from the elements, keeping you safe and dry.

2. Inner comfort liner - Organic Fleece bottom 1 1/4" thick (you can stuff in yourself) (choose split queen or queen fleece liner add $250. folded over for extra luxury and comfort. (Do not agitate, line dry, for longevity just use sheet liner instead to keep it clean, brush to fluff, line dry to freshen) Why wool fleece?  Millions of little curls from wool acts like soft springs relieving painful pressure points. Dust mite resistant and antimicrobial.  Wool fleece acts like a straw, drawing moisture away from you so so don't sleep in a wet spot.  Wool is a natural temperature regulator as it whisk away the moisture keeping you drier.  We all sweat a pint of water every night so wool is very important feature in your sleep system.  Our wool does not sleep hot because of the curl of the wool allows great air flow between curls.  Our wool is not itch as it is refined wool. We recommend you keep your wool clean by using a machine washable liner as you sleep.  

3. Removable Inner zipper liner - Machine wash and dry inner liner made of organic cotton sateen  sheet fabric in natural color. (opens completely up) . Foot opening and size zipper opening.

4. Easy to roll up as one unit and carry.

Size 30" wide x 80" long.

Rolled Size - TBT

Handmade in USA.