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Insect resistant Mahogany is the best wood for those pesky bugs found in the tropics who just love to eat furniture and probably anything else too. Mahogany is a heart hardwood is sealed with eco friendly sealer in every nick and corner. We even send a small batch to you for where the screws are screwed in the bed so bugs can't enter that way either. This bed is made for the harsh tropical areas that have insect problems. 

Mahogany is a beautiful dark red wood. See the sample. Color may vary due to your computer screen.  The platform beds shown below are not in mahogany wood., shown is our exotic poplar wood which is the most cost effective wood we make our beds out of and our standard wood we make our beds out of.

The support under your mattress is like the tires on your car. If you want a good comfortable ride for your mattress, then you want a good foundation. Something that is going to last. Strict attention to detail from choosing the raw materials, fine cuts to beautiful finish . Mountain Air Organic Beds makes our own EZ Snap platform beds.  EZ Snap is custom built and hand-crafted from exotic poplar wood by our craftsmen here in the US. Made by Ozark Mountain Organic Beds, our EZ Snap Platform Bed is made to be attractive, easy to transport, and assemble.

Our EZ Snap platform beds are custom built and hand-crafted from exotic poplar wood by our craftsmen here in the US. Our EZ Snap Platform Bed is made to be attractive, easy to transport, and assemble.  

Our beds are built to support the heaviest use; fulls and queens have our unique double center support; Kings have two center supports, one under each sleeper. All you need is a drill to put it together. Headboard optional. The ends of the frame easily hook together with sturdy brackets pre-attached for you. The middle braces screw in on the edges and in the middle. It is easy to take into small stairways. Perfect for tiny houses and urban living. Our king platform bed is a real king-size platform bed with two center support bars. Great for extra heavy sleepers. Built tough and strong. The platform bed is 12 inch tall. 

Did you know if you moved a traditional platform bed, you would most likely rack and break the center support?  When this happens, when you lay on the mattress, without the center support you will feel like you are sleeping in a well because the flexing of the boards underneath transfers to the sleeper making sleep uncomfortable.

On the other hand, we have the perfect solution. If you move your bed, the center support will simply collapse without breaking the slats or breaking off completely. Instead, you just get a broom handle or golf club and pop it back into place by tapping the center supports. This is true innovation that is found only in EZ Snap beds.

Please note all hardwoods shipping is the full responsibility of the customer and is not known until time of shipping due to the weight of the wood.  

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